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Thur Feb 29th, 2024

*If you are participating in the Open your coaches suggest you take today to rest.

Register for the Open:

4rds NFT

12Pendlay Row

10Strict Press

9min AMRAP

30 KB Swings (53/35)

15Box Jumps (24/20)

The CrossFit Open 2024

The 2024 CrossFit Games Open is upon us! The first workout, 24.1, will be announced on Thursday you can watch the announcement live at the CrossFit Games Website

For all of the details on what to expect during the CrossFit Open, check out this blog post from a few weeks ago outlining  what it is and why you should sign up. 

Friday Night Lights (FNL) will be a weekly event at CrossFit Gunnison held each Friday during the three weeks of the CrossFit Open. The gym will be set up in a competition style format, and FNL athletes will complete the Open workout for that week in a series of heats. If you are on a 2x week membership and signed up for the open Friday will not count as one of your days.

What are the dates?

Friday, March 1st: 5:00 - ?

Friday, March 8th: 5:00 - ?

Friday, March 15th: 5:00 - ?

How will Friday Night Lights Work?

The workout will be released on Thursday evening at 7pm. Your coaches will then make a plan for how the box will be set up and schedule heats. Once this gets established, heat schedules will be posted to insta and the website on a googledoc. Everyone needs to sign up for a heat (first come first serve). This will be your time to complete the workout. Please ensure you arrive to the box 15min BEFORE your heat start time. 

Friday evening class will be cancelled for the three weeks of the Open

There will be various WOD briefings throughout the night. The first heat will start at 5:00pm and will continue for as many heats as needed for all athletes to go (will of course depend on how long the workout is). 

Once your workout is completed, your judge will give you your score card. If you have registered for The Open on the official CrossFit website you will need to submit your score through your online profile, this is to be done ASAP so validation is completed on time.


We will need judges the whole time! If you are someone that is comfortable and knowledgeable with all movements, we will likely be recruiting you to judge. Every athlete must judge the heat after your heat. In addition, if you feel like you want a little added education, you can take the CrossFit Judges Course. The cost is $10 on the CrossFit Games Website

What if I can't come on Friday Night?

We want to encourage you to be here on Friday Night. The competition energy with a crowd around you often pushes you to a place you have never been. Think PRs, new movements unlocked, and really pushing to your threshold. That being said, if you simply can't come on Friday nights, you can still complete the workout during any class on Friday. If you can not complete on a Friday please talk to Coach Christy.

The number one thing any CFG athlete can do is come on Friday night and cheer! Hang out, judge, chat...just be there! We will have refreshments during the event. Even if you can only pop in for a short time, we encourage you to come check it out. Bring your family and friends as well.

In conjunction with The Open, we will be running our in-house competition The Continental Clash during these three weeks. This is a great way to build our community. The focus is on inclusion and celebration and less on competition (though there is a lot of that!). 

The Open in-house team comp is for everyone! No matter your training age, limitations, injuries, time can still help your team! You have until Thursday, to sign up.

League Rules

Here are the rules for The In-House team Open Competition. Put simply, if you sign up you will earn points for every time you attend. There’s no pressure to attend all 3.

Standard League Scoring:

  • Points awarded in line with ranking for each event.

  • Ex: In a league of 25 players. 1st place = 25 points. 25th place = 1 point.

  • 5 points awarded for top M/F RX scores and top M/F scaled scores for that week.

  • 5 points awarded for top Three Best Dressed each week. Decided by your Coaches .

  • 2 points awarded for adventuring with a teammate. Photo evidence and must post & tag the gym.

  • Weekly pop up challenges. Week 1: 1pt for reading all this info! Passcode to coach to get points: Rambo

​​The totals each week will have a “multiplier” applied to balance the number of members on each team, this is to make sure the scoring is fair no matter how many are on each team.

​​Attendance Scoring:

  • For every member of your team that attends on a Friday and does the workout, 1 points will be added to your score.

End of Season Points

At the end of The Open 2024, the following points will be awarded to those members deemed winner of each category. Each winner gains 15 points for their Team Overall Score:

  • Spirit of CrossFit Gunnison - The award for the member who best represented our values and spirit this year during the Open.

  • Most Improved - The award for the athlete that took their performance to the next level during The Open. Either against previous rankings or abilities.

  • Player’s Player - A ballot will be held for all athletes to vote on their own personal Player of The Open. Who really out did themselves this year?

  • Coaches’ Player - A decision will be made by coaches as to who deserves an award for their individual performance this year.​​

Weekly Theme

Each week there will be theme. There is no limit! Matching costumes, wigs, makeup, etc. Remember each week, there will be points awarded for the three best dressed!!

The themes for The Open are...

24.1 → Pajama Party! (dress comfy, dress silly, dress sleepy)

24.2 → Emo-Gothic (dress moody, edgy, all-black, a little angst)

24.3→ Barbie (dress in pink or bright colors, have fun, lets party)

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