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Tues. Dec. 29, 2020



If you want to live a healthier life with better habits, start now. You can make profound life changes in 30 days. Success is gained through achievable goals. In our 30 day challenge you will receive easy to follow nutrition guidelines and simple daily goals. This challenge will help you live a sustainable healthy lifestyle and motivate you to reach those fitness goals.

Open to Members and Non-members. The challenge is completely remote!

12min Alt. EMOM (4rds)

8 Strict Press, adding

12 Bent Over Row, adding

1min Rest

4min AMRAP

7 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

15/12cal Row

10 (5ES) DB Push Press (50/35)

-4min Rest-

4min AMRAP

10 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

10/7cal Row

16 (8ES) DB Push Press (50/35)

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