Nate Goertz


  • CrossFit Level 2

  • 9 Years of CrossFit Coached

  • CrossFit Kids

  • CrossFit Dumbbells

  • USA Weightlifting Advanced Sports Performance Coach​

  • USAW Club Director of Out Cold Barbell

I was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota and have lived in Colorado since 2009. I played Hockey and lacrosse in High School and continued lacrosse at the University of Minnesota Duluth where I was Midfield Captain, 4-time All-Conference player, and an Academic All-American. I also played lacrosse for USA-West after college, traveling to compete and teach lacrosse internationally.

I love the outdoors, skiing and snowboarding, hiking, backpacking, biking, and going on new adventures. I’ve committed my life to help people build a foundation of confidence and strength through fitness that can help them accomplish what they never thought was possible.


Christy Buffington


  • Precision Nutrition Lvl 1 - Exercise Nutrition 

  • CrossFit Level 2

  • CrossFit Kids

  • CrossFit Gymnastics

  • CrossFit Running

  • USA Powerlifting Club Coach

  • USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

  • 9 years of CrossFit coached  

Hi my name is Christy aka C. Buff, I have always been a thrill-seeker looking for new adventures, which is why I left Texas and moved to Colorado over ten years ago. I grew up running track and playing basketball and when I realized that my WNBA career was not going to happen for this 5ft athlete I turned my competitive spirit to half marathons, trail runs, snowboarding and lifting weights at my local gym. I would go to the local globo gym and do the static movements we all know and love, but it was boring and I knew there had to be something else out there, and there was, Crossfit. I tried it at local box and was hooked. I quickly realized it improves my performance in everything I conquer outside of the gym which keeps me motivated and always keeps me working harder.


Crossfit has helped me reach strengths that I never thought were possible, including body building at the national level. I love getting to teach others that there is nothing they cannot do and I knew through my passion for Crossfit I could do just that. Helping people reach their goals in and out of the gym is a fulfilling experience and I love every second of it.


Emma Cantril


  • CrossFit Level 1

  • CSCS

  • 3 Years of CrossFit coached 

  • AFAA Group Fitness Instructor

I grew up in Fort Collins, CO and spent most of my free time playing soccer.  Playing soccer in college had always been a dream of mine and at the end of my senior soccer season that dream became a reality.  I came to Gunnison in Fall 2012 to play on Western's NCAA D2 soccer team in it inaugural year.  After a year on the team, I realized that the student-athlete life wasn't for me so I shifted my focuses elsewhere.  I had used Crossfit before coming to Western as a way to cross-train for soccer, but I let my pride keep me from coming back to it for a long time.  


Thankfully I checked my pride and now Crossfit let's me stay connected with the athlete that I am, and also channel my competitive side in a really healthy and productive way.  I love how applicable Crossfit is to everyday life not just physically, but also mentally and psychologically.  The best part of coaching is watching someone else accomplish a task they never thought possible.  I love encouraging others and getting to empower them each day, in and out of the gym.  

Jim Bio.Jpg

Jim Ramirez


  • CrossFit Level 1

  • CrossFit Gymnastics

  • Two Years of CrossFit Coached 

My current occupation is a Wildland Firefighter working for the US Forest Service in Gunnison, CO.  Prior to moving to Gunnison I was the Superintendent of a 10-person hand crew and part of our routine was doing workouts together, this made for a close bond with the crew that would spend day and night together throughout the summer season.


Before starting CrossFit I have done many physical activities to stay in shape, such as hiking, running, swimming, biking, lifting weights and playing basketball. Some notable events I’ve done include a sprint triathlon, 10K race, half-marathon and multiple 5K races. But what I missed most doing all those activities was a team (community) spirit. After coming to Gunnison and no longer supervising a crew, I found that CrossFit filled the void of team bonding that I had thoroughly enjoyed. 


I started CrossFit in 2013 when I first moved to Gunnison from Wyoming. Between the community and the workouts (WOD’s), I have experienced here at CrossFit, I feel I’m in my peak physical and mental condition. My favorite CrossFit movements have been pull-ups, hand stand pushups, snatches and clean.  My biggest challenges have been muscle ups, bar and ring, hand stand walking, heavy weights and of course thrusters!! 


Personal growth has come in trying to overcome those challenges.  Attempting to overcome these challenges has helped me in the gym; but also outside the gym in my professional and personal life. While CrossFit and Wildland Fire take up a majority of my time you can still find me hiking, backpacking, and working in my yard with my lovely girlfriend Liz.  In the long cold winters here I find time reading, listening to podcasts, wood working, working on my house and getting outside to ski.   


I received my Level 1 Certification in January of 2017, which was a phenomenal experience and I got meet one of my favorite CrossFitters, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet!  I’m looking forward to by my next challenge in the gym, coaching CrossFit, but am excited to learn under the tutelage of Coach Christy and Coach Nate!