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Open Gym Sign Up


We are so so so so excited that the county has opened up one on one training or same household training! It is going to be so good to get you guys into the gym and moving again. Staying physically healthy is an essential component for fighting any disease.

Please keep in mind that these are limited time slots and that all members deserve a chance to come in for a workout. We will also continue our current online zoom classes and equipment checkout for DB/KB and band for the at home workouts. As well as personal training at a discounted rate for all members.

Just like all the businesses in town we must adhere to the County's Covid-19 Orders and guidelines. Social distancing should be an easy one for all of us since at this time we are only allowed to have one on one or same households in the gym. I think the biggest one for us at CrossFit Gunnison is that you must wear a mask.

We can not allow anyone inside the building without a mask.

Please read the below document to see the fitness center protocols.

Open Gym sign up sheet: If you are showing ANY Covid-19 systems you must stay home.

There will be an optional workout up on the board and a coach available for any questions. We are doing our best to make sure everyone gets the chance to get a workout in. Please let us know if the time slots listed do not work with your schedule or you would like to sign up for personal training. 970-819-7163 or

*5pm slot has the option to be coach led the entire hour joining with the zoom class!*



11:30am Mobility


11:30am Core


5pm CrossFit

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