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Thur. Feb. 16, 2023

Here are just THREE reasons why YOU (yes, you!) should compete in the CrossFit Games Open:

  1. Community. Its the fist bumps, high fives and celebration from other members and the amazement of friends and family. Whether you come first, middle or last everyone is there to support you as you achieve your personal best!

  2. Competition Can Bring out Your Best. You’re bound to find out just exactly how much more you can accomplish! A first pull-up, a new weight or finishing a workout you never thought you could! You are capable of more than you think!

  3. Track your fitness. If you’re new to CrossFit then we ESPECIALLY encourage you to sign up for the CrossFit Games Open. This competition will give you a baseline of your current capabilities. Then a year from then you can look back at your results and see how much you’ve improved. And if you’ve been doing CrossFit for a while, then this will give you a great opportunity to test yourself.



1. Anyone (signed up for the open or not) attending class on Friday EVENING must register for a heat via the google docs spreadsheet posted below.

2. Please arrive 15min prior to your heat time.

3. Warm Up will be posted on the BARBELL board. Please warm up on your own.

4. **Plan on judging the heat following your heat**

5. 6am, 9am and 12pm will be performing the Open workout but no sign up is neeeded.

6min ALT EMOM (3rds)

-:30 Hollow Hold

-:20-:30 Nose & Toes

-1min REST between EMOMs-

Alt Every 90sec x 9min (3rds)

-Handstand Practice (kick-ups, holds, walks, plank)



17 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20)

ME Cal Bike

-4min Rest-


30/24cal Bike

ME Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20)

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