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Fri. July 17, 2020

Please adhere to the County and State's Covid19 mandatory Protocols

Must be wearing a mask when entering building and in all common areas (office/bathroom)

Must wash your hands upon arrival & departure.

You touch it you clean it.

If you are showing symptoms of Covid19 of any kind you must stay home.

Maintain social distancing at all times.

Please note: We are currently researching to get more clarification on the new Order from Gov. Polis on the mask mandate. Be aware that our mask regulations might change for classes as early as tomorrow. Thank you all for your understanding and patience.

400m Run

2min Rest

400m Run

2min Rest

200m Run

1min Rest

100m Run

4rds NFT

Dwn & Back Hand Stand Walk

100m Farmer Carry

8 Sumo Deadlifts, adding

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Sumo Deadlifts 4 warm up sets -then- 4 sets of 4 reps At 87% 1RM Reg. DL if you do not have a sumo DL max. Or 5-10lb more than 6/18 8min AMRAP 10 Toes to Bar 8 Burpee Box Jumps

Thur. July 11, 2024

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