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Fri June 5, 2020

Get freaking excited! Next week we will have the new playground that is the expansion all ready!! Which means we can safely move to nine person classes!! Even though we will have larger classes please only pre-register for 3 classes. If a time slot is available the day prior feel free to grab extra classes beyond the 3 pre-registered. We hope that soon we will not need to cap classes but for now thank you for your continued patience through this time. We will post next weeks sign up this evening!

Please read FULLY before coming into class.


*You will need to sign up for class at least 3hr in advance in order to insure equipment is set up and ready for you.

*Must Wear a mask in all common areas. Bathroom, office, and entry/exit. 1. Check in with your coach at the front to receive lane assignment.

2. Head to the restroom to wash hands.

3. Once class begins you must head to your numbered circle.


5. Wipe down any and all equipment used with circle's assigned cleaning basket supplies.

6. Wash Hands or use hand sanitizer before leaving.


Every 2min for 7 set

Power Snatch + OHS + Hang Snatch


14min Ladder


Push Jerk

Row for Cals

200m Run

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