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Fri. May 22, 2020

Hey all you cool cats and kittens! Exciting news!! The gym's middle wall will begin to come down on Tuesday. While that is beyond exciting it also means the gym will need to be closed until it is complete. We anticipate being able to open back up Thursday or Friday. However, it is not up to us and depends on when the construction is completed. We will keep you guys posted throughout the week.

BUT!!! We will have park workouts instead next week. Tues-Wed-Thur. At 12pm & 5pm

Parks will vary so make sure to check the website!

Unfortunately due to current wordly pandemics our Memorial Day Murph will be Postponed. Nate and I feel that one of the best parts of Murph is us all being together as a community. We are hoping around 4th of July or Labor Day we will be able to have a fun BBQ and do Murph like the big Happy CrossFit family that we are.

1. Strength


2 sets of 6 reps

2 sets of 4 reps

Every rep with a reset at the bottom. Light and perfect form.

2. 4rds For Time:

14 Push Jerks

14 Alt. Front Rack Lunges

400m Run


3rds NFT

15 DB Bent Over Row

15 DB Good Mornings

2. 4rds For Time:

14 (7es) DB Push Jerks

14 Alt DB Front Rack Lunges

400m Run

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