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Friday April 3, 2020

Christy's cell is down.

Please text or call Nate if you need anything at all.


Warm Up


30 Jumping Jacks

10 Plank Burpees

10 Slow and Controlled Air Squats :20 Pigeon Each Side

6 Alt. Lunges w/ 3 sec to ground



20sec deadhang

Ankle mobility

20 Standing Swimmers

1min Bottom Squat Hold into 3 squats

20sec deadhang

1. 22min AMRAP 20 DB Sumo Squats 20 DB Good Mornings 40 Sit Ups 20 Banded Squats 20 Jumping Lunges 60 Mt. Climbers 20 Plank to Tuck Jump 20 (10eachside) Bulgarian Split Squats 20 Clapping Push Ups

2. Mobility Finisher Banded Archer x 90sec each side Pretzil Forward Fold x 2min Each Side Shoulder Stretch in Child's Pose 2min

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