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Tues March 17, 2020

At Home Workout

Feel free call, email or text with any questions you might have.

Starting Wednesday we will be adding a 10-15min Mobility session that you can play and follow along to.

Warm Up


Run around the Block or (20 In Place High Knees & 20 In Place Butt Kickers)

10 Squats

10 Scap Push Ups

1. 11min

10 Alt. Shoulder Tap w/ 3-5 sec pause each side

20sec OH Squat Hold (broom)

6 Push Ups (5sec Hold at top,5sec Hold at mid, 5 sec just above the ground). *Do not need to be unbroken. Perfect Form.

1min Rest

2. 5min AMRAP

12 Alt Lunges

40 In Place High Knees or sub 100m Run (roughly 2 houses or :20sec more or less)

2min Rest

5min AMRAP

12 Alt Lunges

40 In Place High Knees or sub 100m Run

*Keep those scores and posts to insta coming so great to see and hear what you guys are up to!*

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