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Mon. April 6, 2020



Support Your Local Box Competition. Free to register. We will do the workouts EVERY Wednesday for the next three weeks, starting this week.

Register or get more info on the link below:

Warm Up: 3min Jog

2min ME Mountain Climbers

1min ME Tuck Jumps

:30 Sit Ups

-then- 5min dynamic stretching

1. 3rds NFT:

10 each side DB Strict Press, controlled descent

1:00-90sec Locked Out Plank

2. For Time:


Air Squat

Plank Shoulder Taps

-1min Rest-


Jump Squat

DB Bent Over Row (Hold both ends of the DB)

-2min Rest-


DB Push Press (15 each side/10ES/5ES)

Lateral Hops Over DB

*First rest is one minute and the second rest will be two minutes.*

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