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Mon. March 16, 2020

It is hard for us and all small businesses of Gunnison County but we will be closing due to COVID-19. Your health and the health of our community is always our priority. Please watch the video for more information and check out Gunnison County Health facebook page for more details. Feel free to call, text, or email with any questions or concerns.


Watch video for workout explanation and movement descriptions.

1. 4rd NFT:

20 (10 Each Side) Single Leg Bridges (Elevated if possible)

20 (10 Each Side) Fire Hydrants

20 (10 Each Side) Kick Backs

2. 16min AMRAP

10 Pike Push Ups (mod push ups, elevated pike push ups)

20 Jump Squats (mod no jump)

10 V-Ups (mod tucks)


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