• CrossFit Gunnison

Tues. April 7, 2020

Warm-Up 2rds 100m Run (30 Jumping Jacks) 10 High Knees 10 Butt Kickers 16 Toy Soldiers

4 Alt. Side Lunges w/ 3 sec pause 5 Squats w/ a 3 sec pause at the bottom 5 Drop Squats 5 Jump Squats

1. 4rds: 200m Farmer Carry (100m Each Side) 10 Banded Squats (slow & controlled pulling the knees apart on the way up & down) 8 Gator Rolls

2. 6rds For Time: 200m Run 18 DB Hang Cleans (9each side)

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Tues. Jan. 18, 2022

6min ALT EMOM Wall Facing Shoulder Taps Arch/Swing/Drift -2min Rest- 9min ALT Every 90sec ME Wall Walk ME Burpee Bar Muscle Up (Burpee Pull-Up) 10min AMRAP 20 Double Unders 10 Strict Handstand Push-Up

Mon. Jan. 17, 2022

MAX BACK SQUAT WEDNESDAY! rds For Time: 20/17 Cal Row/Bike 20 Wall Ball Shots (20/14) 10 Box Jumps (jump up, step down)(24/20) Mobility Finisher

Fri. Jan. 14, 2022

WOMEN'S WOD & WINE TONIGHT at 6pm!! Feel free to bring a friend. Workout will be friendly for any level and ability. 4x 4min On/4min Rest 1. 20/17cal Row -then- AMRAP 8 (4ES) DB Hang Cleans (50/35) 8