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Tues. March 22, 2022


Spirit of the Gym - Liz Mick If you have met Liz you understand why she is this years Spirit of the Gym. Liz had surgery this past year but came in day after day even when she could only sit on a bench and do DB exercises while everyone around her was running, jumping, lifting etc…She did not let that keep her spirit down. She understood the importance of keeping her body moving. Liz never gave up. She kept coming in with a smile on her face and worked hard with her coaches to get her body back to it’s pre-surgery state. Her compassion, honesty, hard work and sympathy for everyone she meets is inspiring. We

Most Improved - Kirsten

Most Welcoming - Nicki

Teacher's Pet - Ouray

Saved by the Bell - Jake

Chalk Monster - Josh


Back Squats

5 sets of:

Reps1-3: 3 sec down & 3 sec up

Reps 4-5: Regular Tempo

3rds For Time:

3rds For Time:

12 Devil's Press (2x50/35)

12 Toes to Bar

60 Double Unders

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